Balloon Sizes

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Here are a few Helpful Hints to assist you in making your balloon decisions.  If you’re new to ballooning, you may find this page particularly useful.
 Balloon Sizes 
The most popular balloon used in twisting is the 260.  The 260 is 2″ around & 60″ long when fully inflated.  Although quite often the balloon is not inflated fully (depending on your creation), it is important to recognize the size.  The 260 is also known as a pencil balloon.The 160 is 1″ around & 60″ long when fully inflated.  It is also known as a spaghetti balloon.  Used for smaller creations & details.The 350 is 3″ around & 50″ long when fully inflated.  Used for larger creations & bodies of characters.The 646 is 6″ around & 46″ long when fully inflated.  You probably won’t need this balloon right off the bat.  It is used in more advanced creations & not a very easy balloon to work with.

The 321 is 3″ around & 21″ long when fully inflated.  You’ll notice this balloon has a colored “tip” on the end.  This balloon is usually referred to as a Bee Body.  It’s best known for making bug bodies, but has quite a variety of uses.  You’ll find this a good balloon to have on hand.

The 6″ heart is probably the second most popular balloon, right after the 260.  It inflates into a heart shape without any manipulation from the twister.  Ideal for flowers, wishing wands, butterflies, fish, and a multitude of other things.  If I could only have 2 types of balloons, they would be the 260s & 6″ hearts.

The 5″ round is very useful for eyes & details.  You can get them plain or imprinted with a variety of ‘faces’.  Consider using Alien Heads, Pooh Faces, Spiderman, Eyeballs, Friendly Eyeballs, Google Eyes, Frog Faces, Bird Faces, etc.  These can really make your life as a twister a lot simpler. 

Another balloon you might find useful, you might also find a little expensive.  The 6″ GEO Blossom is a great way to make flowers, collars for heads (see 5″ rounds), and a few other things.  They are very pretty, but some find them difficult to tie, and they do cost a good bit more than other balloons.  Save these for special occasions & advanced creations.